Adventure Fuel part 1 | 2020 dates

Craving inspiration for 2020? Let your peepers look no further! Prepare yourself for a stupendously brilliant list of adventure inspiring events for the coming year. So if you're struggling to come up with ideas, don't panic! Firstly, here's a downloadable poster of national awareness dates, and below that we've made a list of some fizz-whizzing ways to celebrate.  Pick whatever pops your peach.

Download your very own 2020 Adventure poster (A4)


19th January - National popcorn day

- Pop some corn over a campfire on a winter's walk

- Eat some popcorn snuggled under a blanket watching the sunset or sunrise

- Invent a new popcorn flavour

15th February - World Wetlands Day

- Find your local wetlands and go birdwatching

- Go for a wet welly boot walk and see who can make the biggest splash

- Learn about how wetlands need saving and plan how you can help.

21st March - International day of forests

- Go climb your favourite tree and give it a cheeky hug for being so brilliant

- Visit a forest you've never been to before and identify as many trees as possible

- Try forest bathing (Shinrin yoku) 

6th-22nd April - Discover National Parks fortnight 

- Road trip to a National Park for a day

- Wild camp for a night in a National Park

- Draw a map of the UK with all 15 National Parks

23rd - 31st May - Go Paddling week

- Nab a paddle board/kayak off a friend 

- Book a paddle boarding/kayaking lesson with a local company

- Go to the nearest beach and count how many paddle boarders you can spot

20th June - Summer Equinox 

- Play the Adventure Combination Game

- Eat breakfast, lunch & dinner outdoors (cook therm outdoors for an extra challenge)

- Get some biodegradable water balloons and have a water fight

11th July - Wild night out

- Wild camp (don't forget to ask permission from the land owner!)

- Camp in your garden 

- Watch the short film 'The Black Dots Project' by Coldhouse collective

30th Aug - National toasted marshmallow day

- Make your own marshmallows

- Toast some marshmallows over a campfire

- Invent your own version of smores

27th Sep - World Rivers Day

- Make an Ice boat and float it down your nearest river

- Go for a wild swim in a nearby river (check currents and wear life jackets!)

- Host a BBQ next to a local river

17th - 18th October - Stargazing weekend

- Get a pile of blankets see how many stars you can count

- Take a trip to the least light polluted field near you and watch the stars

- Learn 20 different constellations

1st November - National Authors Day

- Go to your local woods and make your own adventure map

- Take some toys or action figures to your favourite local outdoor spot and invent your own story

- Read an adventure inspiring book

11th December - International Mountain Day

- Watch the film 'Free Solo'

- Paint a mountain on a canvas 

- What's the highest point you can climb to?


Download your very own 2020 Adventure Dates poster

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