Adventure Fuel part 3 | podcasts

Adventure fuel blog series recommended podcasts for adventure families


Plug these podcasts into your ear holes and you'll be teleported into wondrous worlds of adventure. I'd like to have recommended 'Top 10 adventure podcasts', but honestly these are the only three you need. Each offering a different angle on the world of adventure, they'll be sure to hurl some fairly sizeable logs into your adventure fire.


1) Terra Incognita: The Adventure Podcast.

This was the first adventure podcast I came across and it is utterly top notch in every respect. Matty Pycroft interviews world class adventurers, from mountaineers to Arctic scientists. Episode 2 is one of my favourites with professional tree climber (!) Waldo Etherington. Also the Mount Roraima episodes (there's 7) are incredible, recorded during an expedition to climb Mt Roraima (clues in the title) in South America, they give you a real insight into the ups and downs of this type of expedition. 



2) The Outdoors Fix

Liz Bolton interviews all sorts of people on this podcast about their relationship to the outdoors. From community walking groups to rowing across the Atlantic, there's a range of relatable and aspirational adventure stories. Each episode of the outdoors fix ends with a short recording of an outdoors soundscape (walking on snow, a waterfall etc) which is a refreshing way to finish each episode.



3) Living Adventurously

 Ordinary people choosing to live extraordinary lives. That's the theme of living adventurously and its delivered in the honest, irreverent tone that is so brilliant about all Al Humphrey's content. Each episode involves a conversation with someone who has incorporated adventure into normal life, its a honest and practical look at how we can strike the balance between the inevitable responsibilities of modern day life and wanting to have those adventures we so crave, as often as possible! Each episode Al asks some questions that he wrote from a deck of cards which are worth hearing so you can think how you might answer. 

That's it. 3 podcasts. But with a fairly hefty amount of episodes in each, there's enough to keep your podcast brain full to the brim for a while to come.

Go listen, then go and have an adventure.


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