Adventure fuel part 2 | Videos

The amount of adventure videos out there is enough to pickle anyone's noodle. So I've plucked 6 short videos (about 28 mins in total) to pour some visually potent rocket fuel on your adventure brain. Pour yourself some hot drinks grab a blanket and tuck in to this visual adventure feast. Enjoy!

1 - 'Swim Wild' by Original Tyre

2 - 'Wild Ice - Backcountry Iceskating Alaska' Produced by Cale Green and Paxson Woelber

3 - 'The Black Dots Project' by Ryan Goff from Coldhouse Collective


4 - 'Life on the Fells' by JEGS media in association with Todd Gardner media

5 - 'To the ends of earth'  by Canon

6 - 'Devotion' from Coldhouse Collective

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