Parenting in the wild interview #1

Welcome to our guest interview blog series. We were interested to find out from different parents on Instagram how they use the wild to raise their kids. So we came up with 9 questions to hear from a bunch of different people in our community. Our first guest interview is with @wandering.wildlings, check it out!

1) What's your most treasured childhood memory of being in nature?

My family aren’t hugely outdoorsy, so I don’t have a great amount of memories in nature with them. 

2) Who has inspired you most to take your kids into the outdoors?

I’ve always loved being outdoors, even more so when I had children. We also had a little dog who we recently lost, who we loved taking out on hikes. 

3) Where is your favourite place to take your little wild ones?

The forest. One where you can’t see the road. There’s a forest near has that has an old wooden swing hanging from a tree, it makes it even more magical for the children. 

4) What is your dream adventure if money wasn't a barrier?

To travel every day. Finally settling in the place that feels most like home. 

5) What's your top tip for taking kids into the wild?

Dress appropriately. There’s nothing worse than cold and wet kids. Be prepared for rain!!

6) What's your next planned mini adventure with your kids?

Our next adventure isn’t quite so mini. We’re camping for 5 weeks in various countries - France, Switzerland, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Austria and Germany. I should add that I’ve never been camping, so it’s going to be quite the challenge!!

7) What's your favourite piece of equipment to take on an adventure?

For me it’s my camera. I love capturing the children as they explorer. Also, comfy clothes (and a spare in the car) Plasters are also a must, especially for the tree climbers. 

8) Any inspiring book recommendations?

The Lonely Planet - Travel with kids is a really good read. Lots of tips for exploring new places. You can buy it here

9) Finally, Forest or Beach?

Hmm, that’s a difficult one. Can I pick mountains instead? ⛰ I love being near both. On a warmer day, the coast will always win!

Thanks so much to @wandering.wildlings for sharing some of her story, make sure you follow her on Instagram and look out for the next parenting in the wild interview! 

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