Our lion heart

I was appreciating a particularly stunning sunset with Reed and Rufio when the call came.

‘Leon has a serious problem with his heart, he needs to go to London now.’

Vast portions of my time are spent fixating on anything other than the now. But after hearing that statement I was locked into a moment by moment existence, overwhelmed by anything more than a minute ahead of me.

The next 24 hours were profoundly uncertain, we didn’t really know what was happening; the present was extremely real and incredibly loud. Leon had our full attention and he became an unmissable gift, every stare, cuddle and movement was gold to be treasured.

Having a child in intensive care is terrifying, but people joined us in the terror, they cared for Leon and us in a way that felt overwhelming and undeserved.

We stumbled on a truth during this time which helped us cope and framed the experience with hope: life is best received as a gift. Not as an opportunity to be grabbed, or an investment to to be protected. With this in mind thankfulness and gratitude quickly became an essential habit to ward of the potential destruction of bitterness or anger.

So far Leon has pulled through and we’re hopefully the other side of the worst. But the lessons of gratitude and awareness aren’t something I want to forget. Life is a gift to be noticed and received with open eyes, I’m glad to be learning this thanks to Leon our lion heart.

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