Parenting in the wild #4

It's the fourth interview in our 'Parenting in the wild' interview series. I don't know about you but I'm loving hearing about different parent's experiences of getting outdoors with their little rascals. This week we're hearing from Katy (@theoutsidemama), make sure you follow her for some inspiring outdoor photos! Enjoy the interview!

1) What's your most treasured childhood memory of being in nature?

Being with my brother learning to skim stones & build dams in the stream!

2) Who has inspired you most to take your kids into the outdoors? 

My grandparents! I was in awe of how they knew the name of every plant, butterfly & bird!
They taught me to see the beauty in the view!

3) Where is your favourite place to take your little wild ones?

Since Thea was born we’ve been most days to Townley Park! It has everything! Woodland to explore, streams to paddle in, wildlife to see, fields to run barefoot on! The list is endless! 

4) What is your dream adventure if money wasn't a barrier? 

This is an easy one, it’s on my bucket list! Cambodia to see the sunrise over Angkor Wat, visit the floating villages & an elephant sanctuary, then head over to Bali for more temples & some monkeys! 

5) What's your top tip for taking kids into the wild?

A backpack of snacks! Refuel stops are a must with Thea! Then she’s powered up for more adventures! 

6) What's your next planned mini adventure with your kids? 

Camping in our trailer tent! First one is looking like Ingleton Falls & Ingleborough Caves!

7) What's the most useful item you take on an adventure? 

Our Hippychick Hipseat belt! We both have bad backs & Thea can walk for miles (literally!) It’s the perfect perch for Thea she can still see what’s going on whilst supporting our back! 

8) Any book recommendations for inspiration?

'Balanced & Barefoot' opens your eyes to the benefits of being outdoors (just ignore the numerous American statistics!) But I’ve just finished 'There’s no such thing as bad weather'! And I loved that written from a parents perspective and the comparisons in cultures really make you think! I could easily read this again and again! Buy 'Balanced and barefoot' here and 'There's no such thing as bad weather' here.

9) Finally, Forest or Beach?

Definitely has to be forest! The forest really shows you nature at work. I love watching & discovering the changes each season brings & most importantly I get to share these with Thea!

Thanks Katy! 

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