Parenting in the wild #5

 How to Parent adventurous kids in the wild - wild child

It's interview number 5 of our 'Parenting in the wild' series. I wonder if we can get to 100! This week we're hearing from Chloe (Check her Instagram out @oceanandmama). It's a lovely read, so grab yourself a hot drink, sit down and enjoy!

1) What's your most treasured childhood memory of being in nature?

I remember the walks and the bike rides we used to go on. Not one place in particular, but now as an adult, I can look back on time spent outdoors. Walking on the hills and looking at the view from the top. Bike riding around beautiful countryside that only now I truly appreciate!

2) Who has inspired you most to take your kids into the outdoors?

My partner. He always encouraged me to spend more time outdoors and now it's always me dragging him out.

3) Where is your favourite place to take your little wild ones?

As Ocean is still a little small, we wear her and carry her for most of our walks. But we tend to find happiness and adventure in a simple walk around local lakes, or in the forest. Ocean absolutely adores being outdoors and I can tell she will be a very free-spirited little girl!

4) What is your dream adventure if money wasn't a barrier?

Hawaii has always been at the top of my list. Visiting the islands, snorkelling with the turtles and the dolphins. Raw nature and beauty. I couldn't picture anything more incredible!

5) What's your top tip for taking kids into the wild?

Well, we are still learning, but using the sling to wear Ocean has made our lives an awful lot easier. We can go for longer walks, we don't have to worry about getting the pram muddy or whether it's a suitable walk or not! A little blanket for Ocean to sit on too won't go amiss!

6) What's your next planned mini adventure with your kids?

When the sun comes out properly, we want to take Ocean down to the coast, maybe Dorset or Devon. Somewhere where we can perhaps have a dip in the sea. The coast is our absolute favourite place to be.

7) What's the most useful item you take on an adventure?

Water. Perhaps food. Food and water!
I'm the one that will moan the whole time I'm either thirsty or hungry if I don't have anything with me. Keeps me happy for the extra long treks!
OH AND A CAMERA. Can't forget bringing either a camera or phone to snap all the beautiful views!

8) Program or film that inspires you?

I can't get enough of David Attenborough. I will watch his programs and I will instantly want to be outdoors. It doesn't matter what I watch of his, he is the most inspiring man. The way he talks about the world and what he teaches is awesome. If I could be like anyone, it'd be good old David.

9) Finally, Forest or Beach?

For us, it has to be the beach.
I've always felt connected to the water, the shore and the sand. It's beautiful, relaxing and mysterious. I love thinking about what's beneath the water, what's further out there. Something about the beach makes me feel like I'm home.

Thanks to Chloe for writing so beautifully about her love of the outdoors. Remember to go check out her Instagram if you haven't already @oceanandmama.

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