Parenting in the Wild #8

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This week we're hearing from Pia who has some incredible photos of her families adventures in Utah. Make sure you check them out on her Instagram @piabop. Just in case you didn't know, were creating an e-book inspired by this interview series that will be available for download when the final interview is published so subscribe below to keep updated! On with the interview!

1) What's your most treasured childhood memory of growing up in nature?

My parents were very much what you call “weekend warriors” since they both worked full-time jobs during the week. My favourite was driving to Pucon, Chile. It is a beautiful town in Patagonia territory surrounded by volcanoes and a gorgeous lake and amazing food. That was like our “it” spot for family weekend outings.

2) Who has inspired you most to take your kids into the outdoors?

My biggest inspiration to take my son outdoors is my son. He thrives in nature and absolutely loves it. I feel bad when days go by and we haven’t gone out in nature.

3) Where is your favourite place to take your little wild ones?

I love taking my son to southern Utah. Moab is super fun, but here locally, we hike a lot around the Wasatch. We have countless trails and options to decide. A favourite one is around Brighton Resort. They have beautiful lakes and meadows he can just run around!

4) What is your dream adventure if money wasn't a barrier?

Backpacking Patagonia! I know I will make it happen someday. Perhaps when my kids are older and they can handle their own gear and wind (I hear the winds are crazy)

5) What's your top tip for taking kids into the wild?

Don’t have expectations. For me, it’s about his experience and I’m just there for the ride. Too many parents get frustrated when their kids don’t like being in the pack and that usually comes from having a “goal” of hiking certain miles or whatever. I go with a destination In mind but keep it up to him to tell me how he’s feeling. 99.9% of the time he loves it and we end up where I initially plan. The couple of times it hasn’t worked out we head back and forget about it. Also, snacks and water!!!! They can go a long way.

6) What's your next planned mini adventure with your kids?

We are going camping ⛺️ either in Moab, goblin, or Escalante. We will be doing two nights and I’m so excited to sleep under the stars with my dudes.

7) What's the most useful item you take on an adventure?

Depends on the weather. Overall snacks! That’s a big one for my son and the overall experience. I also always use hiking poles if I’m carrying him. For summer: sunscreen, winter: mittens and a beanie

8) Any book recommendations for inspiration?

“No Bad Kids” by Janet Lansbury. It changed my perspective on “discipline” and parenthood altogether. buy it here

9) Finally, Forest or Beach?

Love the beach but the forest has my heart. So much to discover

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