The Adventure Combination Game

I wrote this recently for Ordnance Survey, here it is in case you missed it:

It’s 7:00am on Saturday morning. ‘Dad, what are we doing today?’ In my sleep deprived, incompetent state I realise we have zero plans for the weekend... BIG PROBLEM. We’re seriously under-prepared if we want to both entertain the kids and actually get to enjoy the weekend ourselves. Yet I need an answer asap if I want to avoid hearing this question 47 more times before breakfast. Panic.

I begin frantically googling for inspiration whilst scratching my empty noggin. Half an hour later, after clawing a vague plan together, I confidently announce it to the children. And… it’s a big fat “NO”.

Unthinkingly I respond with: ‘Well, what do you want to do?’. Another mistake. They inevitably reply with: ‘I want to [insert child’s idea that you definitely DO NOT want to spend your weekend doing]’ and the arguing, blackmailing, bribing and tearing out hair begins.

After coming to some sort of wretched agreement we hurriedly leave the house, forgetting 63% of the essential items needed to actually execute our idea (including shoes for one of the children).

Not long after, we’ve turned tail and returned home, wondering whether we’ll ever get these complex, unreasonable humans outdoors again. Sound familiar?

The benefits to getting your kids outdoors are mind-boggling, but the barriers can be humongous.

Here's where the Adventure Combination Game could help...

There’s a Norwegian concept called ‘the doorstep mile’, which is a wonderfully poetic way of saying how difficult it is to leave the comfort of home for the discomfort of the outdoors.

The experience of trying to cross ‘the doorstep mile’ with my kids is what motivated me to create The Adventure Combination Game. Trying to create a plan every weekend that’s both practical and motivates the kids to come on an adventure can be tricky. 

Here’s three reasons why the adventure combination game helps to overcome this challenge;

  1. Involving kids in the planning process gives them ownership over the adventure and therefore, motivates them to get outdoors.
  2. If something isn’t written down, it doesn’t happen. The ‘Our Plan’ section will sort your plans out for weeks.
  3. Centering time in the outdoors around a challenge is like heaping rocket fuel on learning potential. KABOOM!

You can download a free copy of The Adventure Combination Game here.

Make sure you check out what ordnance survey are doing with their Get Outside work, it's incredible!

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