Top 10 secret beaches in Cornwall with kids

These secret beaches in Cornwall are perfect for a microadventure. Some are more challenging to get to than others and the rule for all of them is to go prepared! There are no lifeguards, cafes or toilets readily available at these beaches, but that just adds to the adventure! Before you go you'll need to check the tide times as some of the beaches disappear at high tide AND make sure you take a decent picnic!

Lantic Bay is a wild sandy beach just West of Pencarrow head. It's a dreamy little cove that is never crowded and is just a 20-minute walk from the National Trust car park. This is the perfect little adventure for kids. The currents can be strong and the beach does suddenly shelf off so take real care if you go in the water.

After an enchanting wander through the woodland walk, you arrive at Lansallos beach, and what a treat! There are smuggler's passages in the rocks and a waterfall that used to power a mill; the perfect little exploration cove for your wild ones. It's roughly a 15-minute walk from the church next to a stream with activity points along the way. If you want a secret beach that isn't too challenging to get to then Lansallos is a great place to start. 

A secret little beach backed by ancient woodland overlooking the Helford river, what more could you ask for? The alternative route to the one shown here is through the Bosahan estate but there is an admission charge. Both routes are lovely though. It's about a 20-minute walk from the car park by the sailing club, depending on your child's speed! If you pick the right time then you won't have to share this beach with anyone, a magical little place.

Leggan Cove is situated just north of Godrevy cove. It's positioned between two unused quarries and the water is perfectly clear. The sand is an unusual grey but this just accentuates the vivid blue of the sea, a lovely hidden getaway.



Pedn Vounder is arguably the most stunning beach in Cornwall; white sands and turquoise waters make for a breathtaking setting. Although this is not as secret as it used to be it's still unlikely to get crowded. Be warned though as the walk down to the beach is very tricky so make sure you are prepared!


Nanjazil is a bit of a trek to get to so is better with slightly older kids but complete with a cave and plunge pool this really is an adventure beach! It's not your typical sandy beach: there can be sand depending on what the tide has been up to, but this is all about exploring and clambering over the rocks. The slit-like arch gives this lonely beach some serious character.

Porth Joke is a short, 15-minute walk from the car park and is another quite well-known 'secret' beach. The picturesque cove is a great option if you've got toddlers; it's backed by wildflower meadows and easily accessible. With the right picnic, this is a beach worth spending a whole day at. Complete with rock pools and caves there is something for all ages at this captivating, unspoilt cove.


Tregardock is a wild, low tide beach complete with a waterfall falling over the entrance to a cave. This is another slightly tricky beach to get to so again, make sure you're prepared and probably best to go with slightly older children (not toddlers). Also, remember to come at low tide as the beach disappears at high tide. Also be careful of the rip currents! If you are driving south through Delabole on the B3314 then turn first right and then third left and park just outside Tregardock farm.


Bossiney Haven is stunning little cove; there is a cave in the cliff that's 60 feet high and 20 feet wide. Its rumoured that there is also a waterfall deep inside the cavern! If you are driving East from Tintagel, the car park is on the left by the phone box. It's only a short walk from the car and at low tide, it connects up to Benoath Cove.


The Strangles is an extreme beach under high cliffs; the rock arch and other rock formations here are fascinating. Swimming here is not advised though and the path can be challenging; it's also a 30-minute walk from the car park. Another one for slightly older kids but full of adventure waiting to happen!

Hope you've enjoyed this exploration of some secret and hidden beaches in Cornwall. We'd love to hear if you have any of these microadventures OR if you know of any others that you'd recommend- write in the comments if you do!

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