Kids River Rascal logo jumper - riverrascal
Kids River Rascal logo jumper - riverrascal

Kids River Rascal logo jumper

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The world is retreating indoors to effortless convenience, endless comfort and enough entertainment to turn your brain into a baked potato.

Kids are growing up more familiar with the sofa than the sea and prefer watching pixels than the stars.

But there's a rebellion afoot, families who would rather play hide and seek in the forest or hoof themselves off rocks into the ocean than dribble in front of a screen all day.

Kids come alive in the wild; open spaces unlock imaginary worlds and natural environments inspire the invention of a thousand new games. These kids were born to splash through stream and climb trees.

We call them River Rascal's. 

All our jumpers are made with 85% Organic ring-spun combed cotton and 15% recycled polyester.

We recommend that you wash our jumpers at 30° to preserve the design and give the environment a metaphorical high five.

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